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Date69 UK adult dating site Fantastic UK Dating Site HOW THIS SITE WORKS online dating

Date69 is for people to make contact online with the aim of meeting someone in real life -
to get to know each other and form a relationship. The relationship can be as casual or serious
as you both desire.

Date69 is a useful resource which gives you all the tools you need to track down the perfect mate
and get to know each other in a safe and controlled online environment.

It's a UK Dating website and we don't accept anyone unless they are over 18 and live in England,
Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland. With over 20 million members we cover all of the UK -
and you'll find plenty of people living close to you.

When selecting the best dating site it is very important that there are enough members for you
to choose from. Date69 provides this.

What you need to do

First of all, sign up for free.

Once you register you must reply to the email we send you to activate your new account.

Then when you login for the first time be prepared to create the right profile for yourself.

Make your profile really interesting and add a good clear photo - sell yourself.
Your profile and photo are very important, so give it some time and thought.

Send out an introduction message to as many people as you want.
Send some winks too to people you come across in your search. That's the best way to break the ice.

Although date69 is free to join men will have to pay to use some of the features - like the messaging
service. We need to make a charge for this in order to ensure we have quality, members
who are serious about dating. You only have to look at the rubbish you find on totally free dating
sites to understand this.

Once you have clicked with someone, try to communicate in a sensible and positive way.
Be nice to each other - being too naughty too soon (until you can gauge their naughtiness levels)
can signal the end of a beautiful relationship before it starts.

So take it steady.

You will know when you get to the stage to meet for a drink, or whatever you both fancy.
so agree a safe and logical place for your first date.

For your own safety (don't believe everything people say online) tell someone that you are
meeting someone on a date and where you are going. Have your phone handy and someone at
the end that can come and rescue you if it turns out bad, heaven forbid.

Once you have met your perfect love mate, then you won't need us any more, but we don't mind
if you want to tell your friends how it worked out for you, and mention that date69 worked for you.

Happy Dating.


1. Compatibility
2. How to sell yourself
3. Saying the right thing
4. How to meet someone
5. Are they interested
6. Is it worth pursuing
7. Playing it Safe
8. Enhancing the relationship
9. Pushing the boundaries

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